Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spring, come quick.

It's that special time of year, that time where I can go home early and sleep in more often than not. It's a thing to cherish and enjoy to the full because it will be back to the usual grind in no time at all.

For the first time in quite a while, I don't really have much in terms of a training goal set up for the coming year. I have visions of grandeur about teams I want to make and races I want to win and on and on but living in a place where any corner on the road could easily send your car spinning uncontrollably isn't exactly conducive to relentless outdoor training like I'm used to. I've had to adapt in a big way. Gone are the days where my biggest threat to riding outside was a 2 hour thunderstorm. Needless to say, my trainer is getting a lot of love; I'm glad I decided to invest in a nice one a while back. I've spent a good amount of money on indoor training videos and have been getting a ton of use out of them. The pool has also been an increasingly attractive option.

Recently, I put in an application for the All Army Sports triathlon team to potentially compete in Ventura, CA this June. I realize it's still a long shot but I'm going for it. Training to tri up here in the dead of winter, I've found, keeps my Itch at bay much better than trying in vain to maintain bike fitness on the trainer and the Fatback alone. ...I'm really looking forward to the spring Break up where the roads will finally be free of icy death.

Skate skiing's been a fun little adventure but I'm still struggling to understand the technique. In the meantime, I'm smokin' myself on the world class Nordic ski trails all over this city. It definitely could be worse. (Not to mention my ventures down to Alyeska 50 minutes away.)

This March, if all goes to plan, I'll get to train with my cycling team for the first time since I joined, down in Tuscon. I'm pretty excited for the warmth. The warmest it has gotten here is about 25; no hope for melting ice.

To kick off the year, I've registered for the frosty bottom 50k, a fat bike race across Anchorage and back. It's a little more like a road race in that technical skills on single track aren't really a factor as all the trails the race is held on are wide and flat. The very next weekend, there's an indoor triathlon on post consisting of 20 minutes for each event. I'm not really sure how it's gonna work but I should be able to win it considering the lack of competition but it's free and seems like a good brick workout anyway.

The days are slowly but surely getting longer and my new Pinarello should be here within the next two weeks. I can't way to roll around on her this march through the sands of Arizona.

Spring, come quick.

Remember my affliction and my homelessness, the wormwood and the poison. I continually remember them and have become depressed. Yet I call this to mind, and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord's faithful love we do not perish, for His mercies never end. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness!

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  1. I know you will take every advantage of the world you live in at the moment. You are never one to miss an opportunity to get out there and live life to the full.